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Help Save Bees on the Brink of Extinction

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We're celebrating World Honeybee Day! Two-thirds of the world's crops are pollinated by animals, with bees being one of the most prevalent pollinators. We need them to help us grow our food, and they need our help to protect them. Please click today!  Read more


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Recent Projects

Mobilize 16 People With Bicycles: Completed August 16, 2019

47,040 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

We’re celebrating Cycle to Work Day. Many individuals in rural Africa do not have a means of transportation. A lack of adequate mobility causes many issues, from impeding education, to delaying timely access to medical attention, and making it more difficult to work. Please click today to empower people with bicycles and the independence of transportation.

This campaign is complete.
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Vaccinate 115 Shelter Dogs: Completed August 14, 2019

46,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

Every year in the United States, millions of dogs are left at animal shelters. Dogs that are healthy, well-fed, and vaccinated against disease have much better odds of finding a happy forever home. With your help, is vaccinating shelter animals, protecting them from common, contagious, preventable diseases. Please click today to help!

This campaign is complete.
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Help Rescue an Elephant from a Life in Chains: Completed August 12, 2019

70,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

We’re Celebrating World Elephant Day! There are about 3,500 working elephants in Thailand that are abused as tools for logging or used as human entertainment. partners with Save Elephant Foundation to educate the public about the elephants’ living conditions, and to rescue as many of them as possible. Please click today to help us secure more land for the sanctuary, so more abused Asian Elephants can live out their lives in peace.

This campaign is complete.
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Send Care Packages to 2400 Cats: Completed August 9, 2019

48,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

We’re Celebrating International Cat Day! Providing food, vaccinations, bedding, and enrichment needs for cats is a costly endeavor for animal shelters across the country. Due to the high cost of these basic necessities, shelters often have to limit the number of cats that they can save. Please click today to help feed and vaccinate shelter cats and provide them with enrichment toys and a warm bed to sleep in. Your click will help these cats get adopted!

This campaign is complete.
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Provide a Week of Alzheimer’s Care: Completed August 7, 2019

48,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

We’re Celebrating Aged Care Employees Day! Alzheimer’s disease is tough on both patients and caregivers, and the condition continues to worsen overtime. Providing socially, mentally, and physically enriched activities is good for Alzheimer’s patients and for caregivers, but can be outside a family’s means. Click today to give an Alzheimer’s patient a full week of care.

This campaign is complete.
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Provide Supplies for 12 Veterans’ Service Dogs: Completed August 5, 2019

72,000 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

We’re celebrating Assistance Dog Day! Our nations’ veterans proudly volunteered to serve our country. The commitment and sacrifice they made can sadly result in life-changing disabilities. Often, disabled veterans are in need of a service dog companion to lend them a helping hand. Please click today to help provide service dogs to veterans with mobility limitations, post-traumatic stress, and traumatic brain injuries.

This campaign is complete.
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Vaccinate 13 Near Threatened Island Foxes: Completed August 2, 2019

49,400 daily clicks funded this project – thank you!

The island fox lives exclusively on the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California and can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. Their numbers have declined catastrophically due to exposure to deadly diseases such as canine distemper and rabies. Please click today to vaccinate these foxes and help us save the species!

This campaign is complete.
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